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    Riot control suit offers protection against sharp pointed weapons and non-ballistic projectiles.


    • Plastic Armor Component: All the plastic parts of the armor are manufactured by injection molding and have a system of structural levels with reliefs on their surface, in order to dissipate the energy of the impacts and provide greater mechanical resistance to the protector. These components are injected in 100% high engineering polyamide with a thickness of 2.5 mm, flexible, high impact resistance (ASTM-D-256-06/A) and anti-punch (ASTM-F-1306-98/A).


    • Textile Component: With antibacterial application, composed of 3 layers: Spacer 3D that provides breathability to the user, EVA sheet for impact absorption and Nylon D500 with high tensile strength, water repellent. Additional cushioning system attached to the plastic component.

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